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A Tune-Up for your Body

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010


Harmony & Balance

Harmony & Balance
Sometimes you can know something about something, but miss the point! I’ve been in music all my life, and know what tuning forks are used for – tuning a piano. Until a few years ago, that was the scope of my knowledge about the forks. Well, how ‘bout this? You can use tuning forks to tune your body. Not the same as the ones used for a “well-tempered” instrument. The Solfeggio and Pythagorean tuning forks are calibrated to frequencies that work in harmony with principles of sacred geometry and the human body. There are also tuning forks calibrated in the Fibonacci ratios, crystal tuners, and planetary tuners. And they all have profound effects on healing. To quote Jonathan Goldman, “Frequency plus Intention equals Healing”.

Recently I attended a sound clinic with Dr. John Beaulieu in which he described his experiences in the anechoic chamber, a little room completely devoid of sound. He relates that early in his practice he spent 500+ hours in this silence, listening to his body. The pitch of his nervous system was high, while the pitch of the circulatory system was lower. Imagine. Every system, organ, bone, tissue & cell has a frequency and vibrates according to how well you are in balance. So, if this is true – then why couldn’t we tune our body? Why couldn’t we create harmony inside, thereby avoiding dis-harmony, i.e. dis-ease? You can.

It’s not necessary to know a lot of information about ancient history, the chakra system(s), the ratios and how they fit sacred geometry, the Five Elements and how they relate to tuning the body, and so on. Although fascinating, and I love it, you can use a simple little procedure all by yourself. Start your day with the “Perfect Fifth” meditation.

In the Pythagorean set of tuning forks, the “C” and “G” are a “Perfect Fifth” and their frequencies are 256 hz and 384 hz, respectively. The ratio of these tones is 2:3 and guess what! This ratio is found all throughout the body! When you tap these two tuning forks and hold them to your ears, one fork at each ear; then tap again and switch, your body recognizes the frequencies and aligns itself back into balance.

If you could carve out for yourself 10 minutes at the beginning of each day for silence and listening, using the Perfect Fifth meditation, you will have given yourself a secret tool to creating a smoother, stress-free day! And your body will thank you!

Sacred Geometry

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

The Golden Ratio

Like “TIME” being circular, the study of Sacred Geometry begins with the circle – no beginning, no end; the Alpha and Omega.

Observe the point at the center of the circle – the great VOID.  It forms a sphere.  And then, to know Itself, replicates the circle, forming 2 circles that intersect – the Vesica Piscis, Creation of Life.  Sacred Geometry is embracing the spiritual essence of the pattern of all Life, the wonderment of Everything in Perfect Order.

OK, so the five platonic solids can be seen within the Flower of Life, that ancient symbol you’ve probably seen many times.  Then there’s Metatron’s Cube, and the five platonic solids can be found within this geometry too.  Without sounding irreverent, The Creator is a mathematician!

On the subject of Sacred Geometry, we could hypothesize, pontificate, and discuss ad infinitum; and all of that is stimulating & wonderful….but to apply this to our present life, let’s take a look at a tool  I have discovered that uses Sacred Geometry symbols, mandalas, and yes, crop circles, to guide the subconscious into new ways of looking at things – a gentle, simple way to re-program old patterns of belief and unlock the potentials that already exist within you.    

 To be authentic, i.e. know what I’m talking about, I have been practicing this method since last fall, incorporating it into my daily meditation, and I can tell you IT IS POWERFUL!!!  To explain briefly, you ask a question of yourself, like “What can I do to feel more confident?”  Then, blindfolded, you choose 3 cards.  Doing this blindfolded allows your intuitive Higher Self to choose which messages and patterns will support your question.

 I have noticed each week seems to build on the previous one, and sometimes I will draw the same card I drew before, and it will show me an entirely new meaning!  Some of the intriguing holograms perfectly match specific crop circles.  Interesting, huh?  In my fascination with this subject, I have collected several books, including one that contains beautiful photographs taken by Steve & Karen Alexander.

 If you are interested in exploring the Sacred Geometry kit, it is available at Borders or online. It contains a CD, 33-card deck of colorful holograms, study guide, journal, & tracing paper. The author is simply Janosh.  His work is beautifully done & I’ve found, inspiring.